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Newsletter has changed adding an Archive section. While the newsletters that were once published have been retained for their historical value, they will now be joined
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many print resources ending including our own. The archives will begin with the reports out of the 2012 AGM. Over time, these will be joined by other archive content
which will give those with an interest in the work of the Council with a better understanding along with a historical perspective. In 2016, items once featured on the main
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Summer 2005 in Colour
six pages
The Summer 2005 issue was the first on a new
computer with a new program. It contained a
huge mistake in my identifying John Digney of
Ireland as a Delaney. My apologies to John for
what must be a mental tick as this has happened
twice now for web and print.
24/7 2001
Summer 2007
Winter 2006
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2008 has brought two issues with an edition respectively for the annual Council meeting and
the national conference.
The First Newsletter May 1987
The 2012 AGM was held in conjunction with the
International Conference held in Canmore, Alberta.  Each
member association prepares a provincial report for the
annual meeting. This allows for cross country view of the
state of the association movement for that year.

CYCWAM 2012 Report

CYCAA 2012 Report

CCCYCA June 2012 Minutes
many years by Dennis McDermott and remains today as the onlly
actively published quarterly in the country.
Child and Youth Care
Counsellor at Hull Child
and Family Services in
passion for kids, Child
and Youth Care, skiing,
motorcycles and old
steam locomotives. In
2005 Don got to live out
one of his childhood
crew member on a cross
Canada trip on a famous
steam engine called The
Empress. His
experience was
published in the July
2005 edition of
MacLean's magazine.
and the CYCAA
newsletter. Please use
the link to read:
Empress Still Rules
In June of 2009 the Ontario Association of Child and Youth
Counsellors celebrated a true milestone with its
anniversary as North America's largest and longest running
child and youth care association
. The article originally
published here to recognize the event is now archived as a
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As a Child and Youth Care Student, Jessica Lusk responded
New Orleans from the destruction of
hurricane Katrina.
Jessica kindly wrote about the experience for the Council. As
a Child and Youth Care Student, Jessica Lusk responded
association and a co-chair for Making Connections, the 16th
to a call for volunteers to help youth in care in the ravaged
National Conference. She returned from New Orleans with
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The second Clan
has taken
place and the third has
become a memory..
You can look back at
these through the link
icon above. Consider
attending the third in
Vienna in 2016.
Rally for Wages
The Child and Youth
Association of Manitoba
resorted to
a pair of
Child and Youth was
struck which Care
Workers  resulted in a
report on developing
frontline skills. There
has been moderate
increases in
compensation as well.
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The office of the Provincial Advocate for Children
and Youth of Ontario
has never been quite the
same since Irwin Elman took on the position.
hear Irwin keynote at an OACYCP provincial
conference when he was just months into the job.
His goal then was to open up the office to allow
youth to be more comfortable and to speak up
about their conditions. This involved some
housekeeping at the time redesigning the space
to be more inviting with spaces designed to allow
for conversation. Now some years on, and
following an intensive amount of work by youth in
care, the office has released a report of some
significance. Click on the icon to read.
Certified child care gains traction
Association of Newfoundland and Labrador’s
standards committee and is the director for
Key Assets NL. — Photo by Andrew
Robinson/The Telegram
Historically, child and youth care workers in Newfoundland and Labrador and the rest of Canada have been
hired without necessarily having an identifiable background in the field, even if their skill set might be relevant.
Featured Items
Jessica Hadley, President of the Child and Youth Care Workers Association of Manitoba wrote an open letter
to the Canadian Broadcasting Company and was interviewed by them for a news item on the recent beating  
and wounding of a practicum student and a youth worker in Manitoba.
Read it here.

Jessica was also joined by Thom Garfat for a second letter with a deeper, more national focus.
Photo courtesy of Jessica Hadley.
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Council President, Kelly Shaw wrote a letter of support  for CYCWAM to
the Ministers of Families and Education of the Manitoba Government. As
she notes in her letter, child and youth care leaders are speaking up
more often in response to the ongoing marginalization of child and youth
care professions relative to their sister professions.
Manitoba Assault on front line CYC's
The OACYC also wrote a letter of support.
Alexandra Paul published in the Winnipeg Free Press did a follow-up interview  June 14th with Jackie Healey. This young lady faces incredible
healing challenges and yet remains determined to use this experience to better the safety and work experience for those who work with youth at risk.
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of purpose with the Association of
Child and Youth Care Practice,
sister organization in the United
. The International Child and
Youth Care Conferences, held every
three years, have alternated between
the two countries. In 2000, Together
2000 was an exceptional meeting in
Cleveland, including our AGM, certainly
a first being held in a foreign country!
The majority of Canadians live close enough to our border that crossing
the line is a daily event for some, and a popular shopping destination for
many. Canadians typically think outside the line being familiar with
American history, news and values. So it goes with child and youth care
practice. Recently, a
Declaration of Joint Purpose and Vision was
developed between the two organizations to reaffirm this enduring
Over 15 Canadian Council members attended the 40years Celebration of the National
Association of Child Care Workers in Cape Town, South Africa, June 30-July 2, 2015. James
Anglin was the conference keynote, and he, along with Thom Garfat and Jack Phelan
participated in plenary sessions. Heather Modlin and Kelly Shaw were among the presenters.
The winter weather of the Cape was chilled yet sun filled and the local attractions inspired. The
conference was notable for the huge youth concurrent conference and their participation as
entertainers and participants bringing their deliberations forward as resolutions to be
considered. The bonds between Jim, Thom and Jack and the NACCW were notable and
considerable to the point of pride at the international exchange of knowledge and good will they
have fostered. This suite of pages reports on the experience and ends with delegate
contributions of their tourist moments in South Africa.
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2016 was the 30th anniversary of the
Council. Members and guests were
invited to share their memories of the
child and youth care experience. The
page will continue to accept your
comments. Please click on the logo
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of CYC-Net with the goal of bringing together child and
youth care professionals from around the world to
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A 3rd Child and Youth Care World Conference has been
announced for January 2018. Please
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