Thirty years! It is hard to believe that the Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations has
reached this anniversary. This is testimony to the resilience of the core beliefs of the child and youth care
professional experience over that time. If you have been a member of a member provincial association,
you have been part of the experience. The purpose of this page is to allow you to help us celebrate by
using the form to the right to send your memory or message. Perhaps you sat on our board or attended
or worked on one or more of our National Child and Youth Care Conferences. You may not even know
you did as often they were bundled with Internationals or even a World's. Perhaps you will recall a
keynote speaker and the message they brought us. There have been many down through the years such
as Henry Mayer, Lorraine Fox or Thom Garfat who have enlightened our practice. Perhaps, you took part
in a pre-conference day facilitated by Carol Stuart. Perhaps, you kissed a cod fish or two along the way.
You certainly did get to see Canada from coast to coast as the National has been hosted in most
provincial capitals or major cities at least twice over with the exception of Saskatchewan. Perhaps, your
involvement has taken you to other counties. The opportunities for this are increasing as the child and
youth care profession is world wide and united in the development of  child and youth care practice and
advocating for children, youth and families. You are invited to share using the form to the right hand side
of this page. If you have a favorite image to share, using the email link to the right to send it in as an
attachment as an additional step.
What did the Council do for you?
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Memory, message or comment:
Garth Goodwin, CYCWAM. CYC Cert., Member Emeritus, 40: Just getting together to form something to
represent child and youth care work in the founding days of CYCWAM has opened up a career long reaffirming
fellowship with incredible people. This taken me across Canada a few times and on to Scotland and South Africa.
Child and Youth Care is practiced around the world, much of it shaped by the work and teachings of the people you
see here. There is no more dynamic work than child and youth care.
Responses will be posted to this page as received over the anniversary year. Email is only for
communication purposes and will not be posted. Please include how long you have been in the field
and from which association.

Images will be added and the page extended as responses warrant. All content will be randomly placed.
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Jeff Reid, NSCYCWA, President, 37: I appreciate the hard
work the council has done over the years being involved in
sponsoring National and International conferences. These are
great opportunities to network, re-connect with colleagues and
be refreshed in the work we do.
Andrew Middleton, NSCYCWA, VP, 20: The hilarity that accompanied the
unlimited and free daily happy hour bar service in the hotel lobby at the
international conference in Fort Lauderdale is something
I will likely never forget.
Kelly Shaw, NSCYCWA, Past
President, 20+:
When I think about
the professional contacts and
friends I have made over my career -
many are as a result of the hard
work of the Council and various
provincial professional associations.

I am really proud of CYC practice in
Carol Stuart, OACYC, CYCABC, CYCAA, 38:
Too many great memories to detail. Friends,
colleagues, great ideas and conflicts worked
through, and very special memories with very
special people.
Patrick Foran, CYCAA, Board Director, Past President CYCAA, 33:  
Yes, I have kissed a few cod in my days as well, having attended both the
World and the National conferences in Newfoundland. A tradition loved by
some, feared by others! In looking at the pictures on the website and
seeing so many familiar faces, Lorainne Fox, Jenny McGrath, Carol
Stuart, Jerry Fewster, Nial McElwee, Dennis McDermott, Bruce Perry,
Kelly Shaw, Heather Modlin, Garth Goodwin, David Connelly, Thom
Garfat, Jack Phelan, all of them leaders in our field, I feel proud to have
been a part of my Association and the Canadian Council. At the end of
the day we all work tirelessly to make life better for kids and families, a
noble calling, not many professions can claim that, hold your heads high
CYC Counsellors!
Heather Modlin, CYCANL, various positions, 25: The Council has
played a huge role in connecting CYC practitioners and Associations
across Canada and beyond, and in promoting standards for child and
youth care practitioners. Personally, it has been pivotal in my own
professional development. Being part of the Council provided me with
opportunities for networking, connecting and learning that I would
otherwise never have had. Congratulations on 30 years!
Ana Costa, CYCWAM, Secretary, Past VP, Member at Large, 11: There are so many
memories. In general I would have to say that I have been privileged to have been given
the opportunity to be on my professional association as well as the council. I have met
many professionals and educators inside and outside my province who have inspired the
work that I do, allowing me to pass it on. With my work on the council I have also been
fortunate to attend meetings and National conferences across Canada, meeting and
listening to the people such as Thom Garfat, Carol Stewart and Jack Phelan to name a
few, these were people I had only  heard about in school as though they were celebrity
names;s (which they are in our field of coarse).  Sightseeing and getting to know different
provinces, people and traditions is a great bonus, such as kissing a cod to get  
screeched-in or going whale watching in Newfoundland with my colleagues. The council
has assisted in the organization of bringing professionals across the world together to
learn and share
the ideas and progress, my hope is that it only continues! Happy 30
Deb Fast, CYCWAM, Child and Youth Care Trainer, 41:  
Having attended most of the Nationals, some of the Internationals
and of course the First World Conference, I would have to say that
have greatly appreciated all the dedicated volunteers who have
worked months and years to deliver top notch programming,
opportunities for conversation and of course, lots of FUN!!  The
Council has much to be proud of as it has supported and been
supported by Provincial organizations. The
partnerships created
across Canada are noteworthy. Congratulations on 30 years of
dedicated service to Child and Youth Care in Canada.
Dianne Parris, CYCWAM, RRC
CYC Instructor, 30:
Many, many,
meaningful moments; with
unique, genuine and caring friends
and colleagues from across this
country. What a fantastic career we
Many, many, many
meaningful moments
Being part of the Council provided me with
opportunities for networking, connecting and
learning that I would otherwise never have had.
we all work tirelessly to
make life better for kids
and families