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The CCCYCA is proud to support CYC-Net
In March of 2012, the Board for CYC-Net, in partnership with Kibble invited individuals who had
supported, contributed content and used the foremost resource for child and youth care
professionals in the world to gather in the town of Paisley, a suburb of Glasgow to meet, network
and develop the site. For those unfamiliar with CYC-Net, the following written by Board Chair Leon
Fulcher explains how the site allows you to learn, explore and network.

Learn how you and your organisation can support The International Child and Youth Care Network
at and receive – in return – supported access to the world’s most extensive
collection of child and youth care training materials available – free access – anywhere in the world!

Explore how you and your organisation can be supported by The International Child and Youth
Care Network at, through selected readings, the e-Journal, facilitated Learning
Zone forums with learners in online Modules, review discussion list themes and conference
advertising to more than a million readers a year.

Network professionally with leaders in the field about child and youth care practices, child welfare
and youth justice policies, research and publications, and development of a
professional/occupational workforce of Child and Youth Carers – paid and unpaid – the World over.

That first Clan Gathering was such a success, a second was soon proposed and in June of 2013
took place in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. It took the title Stand By Me2 and was an
even greater success. The gathering format is just that, a mix of formal sessions, dining and
socializing events that bring together those who have a vested interest in the ongoing development
of the resource itself.

As you may expect, a third Clan Gathering has been proposed to be held prior to the FICE
conference in Vienna in 2016. While that event remains in the planning stage, many of the
participants of the prior first, second or both are planning to be there. If you are someone who
uses the site as a resource, consider supporting it further with a donation, asking your school or
agency to become a donor supporter and of course, submitting a contribution of your own. The
Clan Gathering will allow you an opportunity to put faces to the names you have read and to
network with those who share your situation or research. Links will be provided here once they
become available. In the meantime, bookmark CYC-Net, join the discussion group and drop back
often to see what's new.
CYC-Net Clan Gatherings