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Social Pedagogy practitioner  Sylvia Holthoff followed
outlining the rules and directions for a game of rock,
paper and scissors. Winners were to advance while
those who lost took on the role of being their
cheerleaders. The first contests took place all over the
room and soon victors emerged who had to seek out
contests with their supporters in tow. Finally, it all came
down to two with hundreds of supporters. This was a
truly amazing exercise to witness and participate in.
Co-Chairs Heather Modlin and Thom Garfat (left) created an easy and sincere atmosphere
for the opening formalities for
Connecting. Thom displayed and noted his outrage with the
Department of Immigration. Over 100 delegates, registered delegates, among them some
government and municipal elected representatives, were denied entry to Canada for this
event. A few of these had their visa meetings set for the conference week itself. Anyone
hearing about the appeals and responses made to the conference committee is left to wonder
if our federal departments exist to serve Canadians at all as there was no attempt to guide
and work with the committee. Within the larger context of the current government itself with its
emphasis upon control, and the many issues which have emerged, omission appears to have
trumped mission. President of the Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations,
Kelly Shaw (center) spoke of the connections that can be made through association
membership and the bonds that are created through shared activities like this conference.
Finally, Sheilagh O'Leary, City of St. John's Councillor (right) brought greetings from the city.
She clearly understood who her audience was and warmly invited them to enjoy all that St.
John's and Newfoundland and Labrador has to offer.
Certainly, one of the stars of the evening
was Buddy, the mascot for the St. John's Ice
Caps. This writer comes from Winnipeg and
when the Jets were reorganized for the NHL,
our Moose were sent east to take on yet
another heritage team name. The
connection between teams remains as the
Ice Caps are the farm team for the Jets.
Perhaps, we should take Buddy! Buddy is
seen here with Rick Kelly a member of the
hard working conference crew. Buddy is
also seen with other plush mascots from
conference folk. Nice to see, the plush set
like to hang together.
The Association for Child and Youth Care Practice
established the Martha Mattingly Scholarships to honour
her memory and  to continue the legacy of Dr. Martha
Mattingly who made contributions to the Child and Youth
Care Profession including the Code of Ethics and
identification of the competencies which describe fully
professional practice. Dr. Carol Kelly (seen here) and
Varda Mann Fedder made the presentation.Two
registrants were selected. Regretfully only one could
attend and receive her certificate - Jacolyn Trites of
Nova Scotia.
The St. Pat's Dancers performed at the opening
bringing local Irish influenced culture to the event. This
dance group has operated for sixty years and provides
a young people with the structure of weekly practises
and a performing schedule that takes them across the
world and often for the famous. Buddy, the inner Buddy
was a male dancer with the group learning skills that
have probably served him well dancing around the
hockey rink.
The good natured competition gave way quickly to
fellowship as folks tucked into the buffet and socialized.
room for the launch of Ryerson Social History of Child and
Youth Care Project. The goal is to archive the stories and
objects of our history and present it in sited and mobile
presentations at events going forward. A few others took
up the poker invitation for a no cash series of games.
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