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While it was a cadet hall and not a private home, the traditions of a kitchen party were
presented for delegates. The buffet featured the items of a jig's dinner, the name given to a
menu which features a little of everything from everyday meals. Fish cakes, fries, dressing
and gravy, cabbage, carrots, pea soup (here made with beef), mustard and pickles were
among the many items. The Newfoundland Chocolate Company was back with truffles that
you dipped yourself. Being warm, this was almost a toxic combination!
Popular entertainment is familiar to most Canadians with the dances and socials at the local halls. Only in Newfoundland do folks kiss the cod, take a shot of run or
screech and recite a pledge to become an honourary member of the province. Fortunately, once screeched, always screeched so this writer was off the hook. The cod
here though was still frozen unlike the slimmed blob on a tray I recall being presented with. Perhaps that had folks lined right up to go through the ritual. As these
images attest, fresh or frozen, there is something about a cod fish.
Well into the evening there was another surprise with the arrival of the Mummers. The
tradition at Christmas is to dress up silly in whatever is handy and does not quite go together
so curtains can become veils, oven mitts become winter mitts and hockey pants can perk up a
pair of jeans. Folks then go out and visit the neighbours raising a little ruckus and probably
expecting a little food or drink to keep them going. Yes, the people of Newfoundland take
Halloween seriously as well. Folks danced into the night before riding or walking back to the
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Leon and Thom recognized a number of organizations for their
support for CYC-Net. The Homebridge Agency from Nova Scotia were
awarded two, one as a donor and another as a payroll plan for
donations. Guests are invited to use the CYC-Net icon at the bottom of
this page to go to the web site and explore becoming a donor.
Bettina Terp, Secretary General of FICE International announced the
second Child and Youth Care World Conference will take place in
Vienna, Austria in 2016.
Connecting has set the bar rather high but in
truth it will take a second conference, on another continent to
establish CYC World as just that. Many were openly excited and ready
to begin saving for Vienna.
Trevor Goodwin and Jacolyn Trites announced the next Canadian
National Child and Youth Care Conference to be held in Moncton, New
Brunswick. The three Maritime provincial associations are
co-sponsoring the conference. Planning is moving ahead and you can
go to the website clicking on the icon above. You are invited to
bookmark,  follow along and hopefully to find your way to Moncton in
The closing keynote fell to Thom when Dr. Lorraine Fox had to send
her deep regrets. He reviewed the connections noting that these are
shifting. Women are emerging as the field's leaders displacing the old
boys network. In practice, behavioural and controlling approaches are
giving away to the relational approach. It was difficult to forecast with
certainty what the future would bring yet it was understood it would be
new participants in the active roles.
Finally, a nod and thank you to team Connecting. For well over a year and definitely very well over the last six days many of you have connected with one or more of
the folks pictured. Your connection may have been large such as the ten thousand dollar donation to CYC-Net made at this conference or as small as being called to
let you know your ride is ready. Most probably just went a little more out of their way to explain something with a little more detail or taken you to see something along
the way. They were sensitive to your needs and took care to show you the very best of their city - St. John's. When it was all said, shown and done, they left you with
admission to a party on George Street. Along the way, the summer weather gave way, well, to hints of fall for many but you did not mind as the warmth of the people
overrode that. And thank you to each of you pictured at one or more points in this portfolio. Your participation, your getting into it all has made history establishing this
first World Child and Youth Care Conference. Perhaps, in another three years many of you can meet again in Vienna and confirm this world movement.
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