CYC-Net depends upon the donations of
its users and supporters to operate and
innovate. At the Clan Gatherings a silent
auction has become a way to fund raise
and have fun doing so. Delegates are
asked to bring something reflective of
their home place. The result is an auction
that reflects the world. This page
illustrates the items of the 2013 edition.
All rights reserved Published with the support of Garth Goodwin on behalf of Connecting at the
Crossroads 1995-2013
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St. John's, NL: framed set of Puffin Photographs
Scotland: an engraved Quaich in silver.
Winnipeg, MB: HBC Heritage Plush
Toronto:A hand crafted tote made with
recycled magazine covers, belts and
fabric by Noell Hamlyn.
Toronto: Humber College Roots fleece
and t-shirt
Vermont USA: picnic goodies.
Winnipeg: Wild Rice
Lethbridge AB: College Swag
England: Honey jar.
Cape Dorset, NU:Inuit pencil drawing
Labrador: Asheevarite Panatuuk Woodcut 7/14
California: Various items from Santa Barbara County
Scotland: antique Victorian stoneware Ginger
Beer bottle with stopper.
Toronto: Toronto Maple Leaf t-shirt
and maple cookies.
Winnipeg: Loyan Moni print and
Aboriginal beaded bracelet.
Vermont: a collection of original signed
New Zealand: Pacific
Silver necklace.
Texas: Gift package
Montreal: Concordia University Swag
South Africa: 2005 rare CD.
Texas: Cal Farley Ranch kid's crafted

Texas silver charm bracelet.
Ontario: Roots Canada fleece and
Vancouver: West Coast figure
New Zealand: rare movie production t-shirt and aboriginal crafted from bone, earrings.
Toronto: Signed Matt Sundin Maple Leaf jersey
Scotland: Celtic hand made wall hanging of the conference logo made especially for this
Ireland: Shamrock kitchen items and
Edmonton: MacEwan University hoodie
Victoria: coffee cup and 2 rare
Montessori Italian Lire
Alberta: local honey and soap
Nova Scotia: NSCC Swag
South Africa: rare early Free The
Children pin.
South Africa: Crafted mat made out of
rolled candy wrappers.
South Africa: Various items contribute
and crafted by children
South Africa: a model of a Vespa
crafted in wire, tin, beads and
bottle caps.
South Africa: crafted image on wood,
with tin and paint.
Clearly apologies to those who have been missed in this archive were in order. The goal
was to attempt to photograph each item. As this was published, there were 98 lots in this
auction, one coming in two hours prior to the closing. Much of the world was represented
in the end and the bidding was fast and furious on some items. The auction was a
sensational and fun benefit for CYC-Net.
Charles Thomasen and his team from Waypoints
convened this event for the Clan Gathering.
Dubai, UAE: Nesting dolls