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The World CYC Conferences: St. John's, Vienna and now Ventura have established a reputation for being exceptional. They
grew out of the initial CYC-Net gatherings which brought together contributors and users of the web site to review and plan for the
resource initiative. Local hosts put their best foot forward choosing fine venues, an in house conference experience with breakfast
and lunch breaks and in a location of global status as a tourist venue. Delegates have embraced the opportunity to combine a
conference experience with local touring, in some instances for several weeks. Ventura and California did not disappoint on that

While this writer focuses on the visual, another
Janelle Huhtala, has through her blog produced a remarkable and thorough
account of her impressions as a student of MacEwan University, presenter and first time traveller. Please
click here to go to
California Adventures! Janelle has kindly given her permission to share this with guests.
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the conference.
Ziigwas Binesli, presenter at the 5th annual Unity Conference in
Dublin, Ireland used the opportunity of 30 or so drums laying
around to join with the delegation from Fleming College to sing
and drum an honour song in response to a fine evening of Irish
deeply moved by the experience and compliment. It was one of
those great moments in conferencing.
Today, January 2, 2019  I was dismissed as webmaster for the Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations without explanation but understood to be over my refusal to accept a contract, the
terms of which the council could not meet and expectations I could not agree to. This ended a relationship with the Council going back to its inception in 1986, some 32 years. The web page was a personal
construction on a personal server with personal financing for the most part and well, all volunteer work. With my retirement, the hope was to carry on. The web site will now become what it has probably
always been, a personal Blog on my years with the Council and the experiences that followed out of that. My goal was to put a face on the people and activities of the Council in the hopes it would grow and
truly realize its mission. This blog will draw upon the historical record of those years. A link to the yet to be established official Council page will be provided once it becomes available.

The Facebook page was renamed to end its status with the Council.

Thank you to all who have participated down through my 32 years with the Council. The child and youth care association movement elevates the work of one of the most dynamic, misunderstood, and vital
professions. Your membership supports the work of those who volunteer their time to represent and promote this discipline. The mailbox is always open as it ever was.

Garth Goodwin
2020 Unity Through Relationship Conference:
: . Mid November is the time to
consider attending this small conference (November 11&12th)
which tends to attract regulars seeking a fall break, chance to
Christmas shop and be a tourist. You are invited to look back:

A rare and singular opportunity brought together collaborators and
associates from Canada and South Africa for five incredible days in
the middle of the winter at Kruger National Park. This followed the
NACCW National and World CYC Conference in Durban. More and
more child and youth care professionals are making the journey half
way around the world to experience the exuberance and beauty of
this country with its extensive system for child and youth care and its
eternal summer. (To us anyway, they think they are cold in
This feature focuses on the Kruger Park experience, yet another
must do in this wonderful country. Jump in anywhere.
The Poster Project
As a photographer it seemed a natural progression to use images to illustrate aspects of child
and youth care work. The Council was supportive of this and the work carried on for some years. I
had occasion to see some of the posters blown up and framed hanging on a university faculty of
child and youth care. There have been recent requests for the page. Click on the image to the left.
Deborah Onwu was stabbed to death by an 18
year old client on a shift she covered for a
colleague on October 25, 2019. Although the
work setting had two youth care practitioners in
the residence, they were separated at the time of
the stabbing. Debbie was a mature, highly skilled
and valued person and practitioner. Her passing
has received national attention and condolences.
It has also exposed aspects of the
misunderstanding of child and youth care
practice on several levels. The work these
practitioners do exposes them to youth at risk
with the potential of harm being understood.
Staffing levels, crisis management training,
developing and maintaining mature and highly
skilled staff compliments and the fit between
client and staff needs and skills stand out. The
truth of the matter is that these issues are in flux
across Canada as each province determines
their application and level of development. In a
rare and long overdue Day of Action the Alberta
Union of Public Employees will attempt to
engage the local public in understanding these
issues. No one should die for the work they love
and sacrifice so much in terms of conventional
lifestyle, education and training to practice.
"Justice for Debbie" taken up and shaping a
safer workplace would be a fitting memorial to
this tragic loss. Ivana Niblett of the Steelworkers
Union spoke at the day of action event.
At the 6th Unity Conference on November 11, 2019 Jack Phelan
was recognized in a very distinct and deserved way. Conference
co-host, John Digney went beyond the invitation at opening
keynote to use the annual award moment to step outside the
convention of local Irish recipients to award Jack a Lifetime
Achievement Award. Typically their awards feature Irish artists in
some way. A crafted wood plaque featuring one of Jack's and
Ireland's poets W. B. Yeats was presented. John started reading
one of his more popular poems and Jack picked up and
completed the poem from memory creating a wonderful moment
for everyone. The Unity Conferences are like that, intimate and
Canadian Child and
Youth Care
Pages created over a 45 year journey as a child and youth care
practitioner,association builder and conference attendee with the goal
of illustrating the child and youth care experience. My generation, one
a colleague called 'pioneer' established professional group treatment
and therapeutic foster care, child and youth care associations at
provincial, national and international levels and laid the educational
ground work at diploma, degree at post secondary colleges and
universities. While the field has expanded, the frontline remains in the
shadows due to constant turnover and shallow supports. The torches
are being passed. Children and youth continue to be at risk, perhaps
even more so. Thank you for your interest in this work.