Since 1986, the Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations has been the national networking organization
representing child and youth care professionals in Canada through their provincial associations. The Council strives to promote
the association movement throughout the nation and through them promote and encourage professional development, advocacy,
recognition and networking for child and youth care..
Provincial Member Associations
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National Conference May 4-6, 2018 Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel
The National Child and Youth Care Award brings
forward a peer nominated individual who has a career
that serves as an example to others of the best
practices of a child and youth care professional.
from St. Johns, NL was selected as the 2018
recipient. Use the link below to learn more.
National Child and Youth Care Award                                          Visionary Award
Ventura - a feature report
In the World of Maori (te Ao Maori), any gathering of people – especially
gatherings of important tribes and whanau or extended families affiliated
with child and youth care across Canada – requires an elder or in some
cases a Kaitiaki, a Keeper of te Mauri or Life Force.  
Te Taunga Te
is a Kaitiaki of this spiritual standing and serves the same
function as the Talking Stick used by indigenous peoples of Canada in
annual meetings, conventions or gatherings.
Taunga Te Rangatira to
Tina Gauvan, lead
Conference Chair for
Tides. Tina in her turn,
passes it on to Jeff Reid,
lead chair of the National to
held in Halifax in May of
2016. Tina and Jeff served
as co-chairs for that

It fell to Jeff to pass it along
to Janet Vanderhor did not
have it long.

IT Is official. CYCANL will
be hosting the next
national conference in
2020. Janet Vanderhor
Westcott from BC passes
the Te Rangatira (À gift
from the Maori of New
Zealand) to Jaimerae
Lundrigan, president of

To learn more about this
tradition go to the
description in PDF format.
The World CYC Conferences: St. John's, Vienna and now Ventura have established a reputation for being
exceptional. They grew out of the initial CYC-Net gatherings which brought together contributors and users of
the web site to review and plan for the resource initiative. Local hosts put their best foot forward choosing fine
venues, an in house conference experience with breakfast and lunch breaks and in a location of global status
as a tourist venue. Delegates have embraced the opportunity to combine a conference experience with local
touring, in some instances for several weeks. Ventura and California did not disappoint on that front.

While this writer focuses on the visual, another
Janelle Huhtala, has through her blog produced a
remarkable and thorough account of her impressions as a student of MacEwan University, presenter and first
time traveller. Please
click here to go to California Adventures! Janelle has kindly given her permission to
share this with guests.
Mission Statement

To serve as a national unifying body in the development of child and youth care
practice and to advocate for quality care for children, youth and families.
The Visionary Award is given by the
board of the Council. Retiring Hull
Services ED George  Ghitan was
nominated for the award by CYCAA
President Catherine Hedlin. In his
acceptance George noted he has
seen himself as a child and youth care
practitioner/clinican all his career.
Transitions and Transformations is now history. Hopefully, a fine enough chapter it will allow the CYCABC to endure
going forward. The CYCABC, formed in 1969 is the second oldest child and youth care association in Canada. It
board member. The years since have been a struggle. Cost cutting and re branding the work itself did much to
confuse the situation yet several stepped forward to see the association represented at an International Conference
in Victoria and since that time. A new young president, Janet Vanderhor Westcott decided to host the biannual
national conference, formed a team and the rest was been delightful.

Click on the image above to go to the feature on the conference.
Upon her return to St. John's Jaimerae Lundrigan was recognized again by the Honourable Lisa Dempster,
Minister of Children, Seniors & Social Development at the Legislature.
The 2018 NSCYCWA board
meeting to strategically plan for
the year ahead
Mark Freado was the keynote speaker at the CYCANL provincial conference held in Gander
November 27 & 28, 2018. A local firm, Capture the Moment had its mirror image selfie there.
Perhaps both will be back for the next National in 2020.
Supported by hotel staff, the conference team kept everything clicking along. Running throughout was the work of student/artist, 16 year old Maisie Porter.
(seen to the left above with Katrine Conroy, Minister for Children and Family Development in BC). Signed and framed prints of her design for the conference
logo were given to conference presenters and guests. The committee chose locals for presenters:
Vikki Reynolds, PhD who put a capital M on motivation,
Bernard Richard, the province's then outgoing Representative for Children and Youth and Jim Anglin, PhD, a speaker familiar to many for his long career
promoting child and youth care. Richmond was a modern, almost Disney-like setting offering an array of Asian dining and shopping experiences. The side
benefit of discovering yet another corner of Canada was rewarded yet again. The Council salutes the CYCABC on mounting a fine conference experience
for all who attended.
Frank Delano swung though the
Nova Scotia and Newfoundland
and Labrador. As ever, he was
over the top impressed with the
hospitality which included a dinner
out hosted by the NSCC and
Chisholm Youth Services.

Heidi Holloway ( left with Pete and
Frank) and Jacolyn Murley took
him to visit to the winery of Pete
Luckett, long time purveyor of
Pete's Fruitique back in the day.
The CYCANB participated in an
event in St. John on organizations
working with and for youth in
October 2018.
Ziigwas Binesli, presenter at the 5th annual Unity Conference in
Dublin, Ireland used the opportunity of 30 or so drums laying
around to join with the delegation from Fleming College to sing and
drum an honour song in response to a fine evening of Irish deeply
moved by the experience and compliment. It was one of those great
moments in conferencing.
A Note of Explanation - January 2, 2019
Today I was dismissed as webmaster for the Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations over my refusal to accept a contract, the terms of which the council could not meet and
expectations I could not agree to. This ended a relationship with the Council going back to its inception in 1986, some 32 years. The web page was a personal construction on a personal server with
personal financing for the most part and well, all volunteer work. With my retirement, the hope was to carry on. The web site will now become what it has probably always been, a personal Blog on my
years with the Council and the experiences that followed out of that. My goal was to put a face on the people and activities of the Council in the hopes it would grow and truly realize its mission. It exists
now as a historical record of those years. A link to the yet to be established official Council page will be provided once it becomes available.

This also brings to an end my administration of the Facebook page for the Council. This was an exciting and useful way to connect with CYC's. My apologies to the 995 friends abandoned by its
deletion. Hopefully, it will emerge again.

Thank you to all who have participated down through my 32 years with the Council. The child and youth care association movement elevates the work of one of the most dynamic, misunderstood, and
vital professions. Your membership supports the work of those who volunteer their time to represent and promote this discipline.

Garth Goodwin