Since 1986, the Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations has been the national networking organization
representing child and youth care professionals in Canada through their provincial associations. The Council strives to promote
the association movement throughout the nation and through them promote and encourage professional development, advocacy,
recognition and networking for child and youth care..
Provincial Member Associations
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Events, networking and conferences...
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While representatives from each member association make up the board of the Council,
all members of members associations are considered members of the Council, currently
just over 3000 professionals. The Council is funded by a formula which sees seven
dollars for each member up to a ceiling of 350 members contributed toward the Council.
The Council board meets annually and by teleconference throughout the year. Annual
meetings attempt to run concurrent to national conferences and wherever possible in
conjunction with a provincial conference in non-conference years. The Council hosts the
National Child and Youth Care
Conference,  and promotes professional development
sponsoring initiatives such as the
Poster Project . The Council also sponsors the National
Child and Youth Care  Award. Nominations for the award are now being accepted prior to
the next national in Richmond, BC in May of 2018. Members can nominate fellow
members online at any time. The Council elections were held in Halifax and
Kelly Shaw of Nova Scotia has been elected to serve another year's term.
National Conference May 4-6, 2016 Westin Nova Scotian - a report
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The National Child and Youth Care Award brings forward a
peer nominated individual who has a career that serves as
an example to others of the best practices of a child and
youth care professional. Nominations are made by member
peers at the association and/or individual level. Nominations
are now being accepted for the 2018 award. Visit the
respective award pages to learn more about these initiatives.

Child and Youth Care Award                                          Visionary Award
Vienna - a report
In the World of Maori (te Ao Maori), any gathering of people – especially
gatherings of important tribes and whanau or extended families affiliated
with child and youth care across Canada – requires an elder or in some
cases a Kaitiaki, a Keeper of te Mauri or Life Force.  
Te Taunga Te
is a Kaitiaki of this spiritual standing and serves the same
function as the Talking Stick used by indigenous peoples of Canada in
annual meetings, conventions or gatherings.
Pat Foran passes the Te
Taunga Te Rangatira to
Tina Gauvan, lead
Conference Chair for
Tides. Tina in her turn,
passes it on to Jeff Reid,
lead chair of the National to
held in Halifax in May of
2016. Tina and Jeff will
serve as co-chairs for that

To learn more about this
tradition go to the
description in PDF format.
Council of Canadian Child and Youth
Care Associations
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Many at the first CYC World Conference in St.
John's made the commitment then to attend the
second in Vienna. The Canadian delegation to
the 3rd Clan Gathering and Conference was
impressive. They joined 600 or so registrants
from 60 nations for a fabulously hosted time in

The 3rd Child and Youth Care World
Conference has been announced to be held in
Ventura, California in January 2018. Please
click here for the
Call for Papers by May 15,
2017. For Canadians, this is one conference
that will provide a welcome break from winter
along with networking with colleagues from
around the world and beach living at its finest
with a pier, outlet Mall and Presidential Museum.
Mission Statement

To serve as a national
unifying body in the
development of child
and youth care
practice and to
advocate for quality
care for children,
youth and families.
May 2016
The 2016 AGM was held in Halifax. It was notable for having a representative from
each member association at the table and for devoting the entire agenda to policy
The Visionary Award is given by the
board of the Council. Jack Phelan was
the fourth to receive this honour. A
wonderful trend is emerging in which
individuals close to the nominee, often
colleagues, mentors, or collaborators;
do the honours of handing out the
certificate allowing for a fine moment
for both.
Conference Chair Jeff Reid shepherded a colourful crew drawing
upon the 30th Anniversary to go back in time to the 80's. Janet
Vanderhor Westcott ( on the left, to the left ), who will chair the 20th
National, spun a few things from the $1.00 Store into nostalgic
setting for the opening reception. Folks brought out their brightest
fashion items and kicked back. The conference was remarkably
intimate in both scale and often,  personal sharing in workshops and
award nominations It was a good time.
The day prior to the conference was devoted to meetings: an AGM for the FICE Congress and the 3rd Clan
Gathering for CYC-Net, co-sponsors of the event. Many of the 60 represented nations are viewed here clearly
confirming that child and youth care is a global practice and movement that can only grow going forward. The 600
or so registrants that joined this group for the conference itself testified to this.

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Association Events
Finding Our Voice
Sadly, there has been yet another incident of assault causing harm, this time in
Alberta and to an overnight child and youth care professional. Catherine Hedlin,
President of the CYCAA wrote the Edmonton Journal securing an interview
which has lead to a sensitive, instructive and comprehensive review of the
situation. The Links:

Edmonton Journal article

President's Letter

Edmonton Journal follow up with Minister
The Annual General Meeting for the board of the Council will
take place prior to the 2017 OACYC Conference May 29 & 30,
hosted by Humber College Lakeshore Campus.
If you want a good excuse to visit Toronto and a fine professional
development experience, consider registering for this event.
There is reasonable residence lodging, a lakeside venue and
subway connections to airport and downtown Toronto, a fine
reason to visit the big smoke this spring.
The Journey
OACYC Provincial Conference
Humber College Lakeshore Campus
Toronto, Ontario
June 1 & 2, 2017
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Sam Barile, Anna Virgini, Laura Malbogat, Jenny Dupuis, Melanie Fournier, Tony Maciocia
The QAE held a very successful provincial conference on March 17, 2017. The board seen above can
take a bow for excellent timing as this was also Montreal's birthday with free transit for everyone. 170
showed up for a great day of fellowship, speakers and networking.
Frank Delano continues to gather old friends for fine meals, in this case recently in
Winnipeg. In his words:
The Child and Youth Care world is wonderful in many
ways and one of the best is the exceptional quality of people who become
your friends. Fabulous dinner experience tonight at Prairie 360 Restaurant in
Winnipeg with Paula, Garth, Ana and Jessica. It was also terrific that Eshweena
could join us to enrich the evening. Only negatives were that Kelsey had to
leave before the picture and Lana couldn't make it. Superb conversations and
a special evening sharing ideas and feelings!
John Digney from Ireland and Maxwell Smart were co-keynote speakers at the CYCANL Provincial Conference held May 25 - 26, 2017. CYCANL has maintained annual provincial conferences for many
years. The association has hosted the National twice and the first World's. The Association enjoys an assist from one of the greatest entertainment triangles on the continent - the legendary George
Street to retire to after the workshops are done. Kathrn Colford kindly posted these images to the association's Facebook page.