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The World CYC Conferences: St. John's, Vienna and now Ventura have established a reputation for being
exceptional. They grew out of the initial CYC-Net gatherings which brought together contributors and users of
the web site to review and plan for the resource initiative. Local hosts put their best foot forward choosing fine
venues, an in house conference experience with breakfast and lunch breaks and in a location of global status
as a tourist venue. Delegates have embraced the opportunity to combine a conference experience with local
touring, in some instances for several weeks. Ventura and California did not disappoint on that front.

While this writer focuses on the visual, another
Janelle Huhtala, has through her blog produced a
remarkable and thorough account of her impressions as a student of MacEwan University, presenter and first
time traveller. Please
click here to go to California Adventures! Janelle has kindly given her permission to
share this with guests.

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Ziigwas Binesli, presenter at the 5th annual Unity Conference in
Dublin, Ireland used the opportunity of 30 or so drums laying
around to join with the delegation from Fleming College to sing and
drum an honour song in response to a fine evening of Irish deeply
moved by the experience and compliment. It was one of those great
moments in conferencing.
Today, January 2, 2019  I was dismissed as webmaster for the Council of Canadian Child
and Youth Care Associations without explanation but understood to be over my refusal to
accept a contract, the terms of which the council could not meet and expectations I could not
agree to. This ended a relationship with the Council going back to its inception in 1986,
some 32 years. The web page was a personal construction on a personal server with
personal financing for the most part and well, all volunteer work. With my retirement, the
hope was to carry on. The web site will now become what it has probably always been, a
personal Blog on my years with the Council and the experiences that followed out of that. My
goal was to put a face on the people and activities of the Council in the hopes it would grow
and truly realize its mission. This blog will draw upon the historical record of those years. A
link to the yet to be established official Council page will be provided once it becomes

The Facebook page was renamed to end its status with the Council.

Thank you to all who have participated down through my 32 years with the Council. The
child and youth care association movement elevates the work of one of the most dynamic,
misunderstood, and vital professions. Your membership supports the work of those who
volunteer their time to represent and promote this discipline. The mailbox is always open as
it ever was.

Garth Goodwin
South Africa is on the minds of many who will soon be travelling half way across the world to attend the NACCW conference in Durban. The conference is another in the ongoing World series. Canadians
have been participating in the training and development of child and youth care in South Africa for some time. Unlike Canada, the child and youth care system is a federal or national responsibility in South
Africa rather than a provincial or territorial one. Much of it is administered through the NACCW which trains and certifies practitioners. President Mandela valued children and youth highly and this is a
national value supported by public displays. Such true international conferencing does much to broaden one's world view quite literally and in so many ways. Please use the buttons provided to explore the
Cape Town conference of 2015.