The Poster Project began as a way to illustrate
child and youth care to an sister profession's
conference workshop audience. It developed as
an initiative of the Council which debuted to
recognize International Child and Youth Care
Workers Week 2007. Members and guests are
invited to print and display posters in their work
places and publications to promote the
association movement and the public
understanding of the child and youth care. The
Council thanks Ryerson University, Child and
Youth Care faculty and the
Journal of Relational
Child and Youth Care
for using the posters as
end pages. Since its inception it has been a
privilege to see the project to expand to include
images from across Canada and ever more
elements of the child and youth care profession.

The posters are published here as PDF files and
you will need an Acrobat Reader to do this (link
icon below). You are welcome to go to the one or
more that interest you and save it to a download
file on your computer. Once saved you can open
and print the poster. The PDF can be resized to 'fit'
almost any paper size at a professional printer.

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Designer  Garth Goodwin
2003-14 Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations/Garth Goodwin All Rights Reserved
The Poster Project
The Graffiti Series
The Montreal Series
The Metaphor Set
The Lake Manitoba Series
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The Prince Edward Island Series
For International Child and
Youth Care Week 2009
The Ontario Series
For International Child and
Youth Care Week 2010
The process is incredible involving poplar poles, a Each
spring, piers are constructed on Lake Winnipeg.
cantilever to extend the structure, literally building
something out of nothing. An experienced spotter on the
shore guides those doing the building, eyeballing the
structure as it is extended.  This was a great metaphor
for the process of relationship building with a young
person, doing so within a team and under wise
For International Child and
Youth Care Week 2011
Near our community well, there is a stone with a plaque
noting the accomplishments of an Olympic class rower
who practised on the lake. A few kids came by and one
climbed on the stone and looked out over the lake. The
moment made me think about potential being that wide,
that open for the young.
Gathering of Clans for CYC-net. Glasgow become home
for awhile. It likes to advertise itself as 'probably the finest
city in the world', something its nation, Scotland likes to in
the life of the country and the English empire reflected in
its architecture and history. Perhaps, it is the weight of
that history that allows its citizens to take a light hearted
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A collaboration with the Child and Youth Care Association of New Brunswick has
resulted in bilingual posters being created. The CYCANB will host the 18th a first
initiative in preparation. It was fitting that these were first posted on the National
Day of the Child.
For International Child and
Youth Care Week 2013
Another side of Glasgow is a social conscience. A fine
day out on the main shopping street was interrupted by
a protest parade - orderly, vocal and heartfelt. This
became the basis for this poster.
This image of a group of Mummers ready to spring
themselves on to an unsuspecting banquet hall was the
inspiration for the 2014 Poster to recognize International
Child and Youth Care Week.
Youth Care Week 2014
Youth Care Week 2012