Rhythms of Care: Rituals, Routines and Relational Practice - 2019
Ireland and Northern Ireland never disappoint as a tourist destination. The Unity conference is a brief one, two days leaving a lot of time to get out and see the town and
country. It all coincides with the start of the Christmas season with shopping places glittering in lights and tinsel. Many who return year after year find themselves going
beyond the tourist highlights for the countryside, B&B's and hiking trails, spas and farms. For 2019, Belfast was the option for this writer including the Devil's Causeway
and The Titanic Museum, both international attractions.
The Nook, an 19th Century school house now converted to a restaurant/pub provided a warm coal fed fire, a great view and a Guinness Irish Stew. Irish stew has
become my go to must have meal over there. This day was the kindest with sun all day and no rain. The curious thing was the silence of the surf. It was roaring as can
be seen above yet could not be heard. The scale of the place is massive.
The Titanic Museum was the draw due to this china.
This writer has 5 pieces of the First Class china setting
and has learned the pattern was shared between the
Titanic and its sister ship, the Olympic. One of the
victims is buried in my home town of Neepawa,
Manitoba. The sinking was the 9/11 of its time April
1911, impacting all classes and people from across
Europe. There is a hope that the touring exhibit for the
Titanic will end up at this museum. This would greatly
enhance the story told here of so many being lost on
the safest ship ever built.
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The Bonnington is a grand old suburban hotel with a
colourful history that has always been the venue for
Unity. Everyone noticed it has enjoyed a bit of
renovation. As long as they do not change the bar staff
in the lounge that becomes conference central for three
evenings. People fly in from New Zealand, Australia,
South Africa, the United States, Scotland, Britain and
Canada. Canada dominates many years providing
several presenters and the Keynote speaker this year.
Jack Phelan spoke on the Relational approach emerging
in practice. That evening, in a surprise twist he was given
a Lifetime Achievement Award featuring his favorite Irish
poet W. B. Yeats. Totally fitting with the intimate, warm
and sensitive vibe of the entire event more a gathering of
friends than a conference.
Wine appears to be the liquid potable of choice. Actually, rain contaminated  the
local water source so it was handy to have wine to fall back upon. Thanks
Christine for these shots. Martin and Frank exchanged the wines of South Africa
and California as they do at every conference they attend together. Some stay
on for a few more days to see the local sights and enjoy Dublin. Everyone leaves
hoping to return again.