Letaba river and shores were home to a Hippopotamus colony.
This allowed for daily sightings and more familiarity with the
lifestyle. There was not much of one. Swim, bask in the sun,
repeat was about it. This was deceptive as many would tell you
as this is Kruger's greatest killer. Like elephants on land, these
guys rule the waters. On land they can move very quickly and on
land and water they have this amazing overbite that well can
dispatch most anything they care to attack. The
Nile Crocodile
avoids them for this reason.

This is one of those animals like the Manatee that begs the
question 'Why do you exist?'. Did the Creator just want to set out
a huge object lesson in natural diversity? Way huge! Kruger is
chuck full of animals that beg this question as they fascinate and
intrigue. These species evolved and thrived for good reason as
each had a role to play. The hippo cleans the riverbed of excess
vegetation for example. As species including significant African
ones disappear we have to remind ourselves to return to a
balance in all things.
The Hippo, a version of the Manatee with bite.