Letaba was the prime rest camp for the African Bush Elephant. There is a museum there displaying the ivory of the largest of the species
now gone and past reproduction as the gene pool has become that altered. Not that there is an issue as the elephant is considered
overpopulated and a scheme to reduce water holes and naturally control population is underway.

To drive along and find yourself sharing the journey with an elephant walking alongside the roadway is deeply humbling. Again you find
yourself asking 'What was the creator thinking?' These massive beasts eat trees, the bark, the leaves, the branches; about 200 Kilo a day
along with 50 or so gallons of water. If they have a purpose it is to perhaps role model the value of family, of loyalty, safety and clan for in their
family groups they remind us of the central factor of family in our lives. That something this massive can have offspring and care for them with
such determination impresses.

In the video the ears are flapping to cool the elephant, similar to a dog panting. In some instances they do appear to be trying to fly reminding
me of the Disney movie
Dumbo, viewed on the flight over.
The true Kings and Queens.
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