Letaba was the rest camp our group was booked into. It sits high on a flat plain overlooking the Letaba river basin, a wide, sand edged,
meandering stream which acted like a stage upon which the wildlife would walk on daily in whatever way they choose to be viewed. It was one
of several placed throughout the park where the terrain and wildlife viewing is spectacular. These are the islands of respite and refreshment
where you can get out of your car, stretch your legs and rest stop.

Camps have a wide range of accommodations. While you bring your own to the campground there is a wide choice for rent running from
furnished tents sitting up on platforms, the chalets which come in a variety of configurations from sleeping only to self contained for a few or a
family to lavish guest lodges which can take a small group. This writer got to have a three bed unit self contained cottage. It was so well kitted
out I was still discovering things days on. Our hosts had gone to the trouble to stock each guest cottage with the basics: coffee, sugar,
Pringles, soft drinks, water and especially welcome, a bag of ice in the freezer. This was especially appreciated on the first day after the long
day's drive and invites one to consider self catering for breakfasts, especially. In fact, the local market and restaurant did an excellent job of
each offering unique fair leaving the choice open to the moment for each meal.

The best experience repeated daily was the simple act of morning or evening coffee taken exactly as it is taken at home, sitting out on the
porch looking at the forest. While there is deer in the neighbourhood you cannot count on them to show up ever let alone several times a day.
There are plenty of  birds but again rarely seen. And of course, no monkeys. The trees while mature and tall oaks cannot come close to the
huge trees in Africa. Instead of the expanse of the valley, the gravel avenue and its stream of locals walking their toy dogs, biking and just
strolling will have to do. At least for the summer months. My porch slumbers from October to April while the one at Letaba is open for the entire

The thought occurred to me while Disney World does offer something similar right down to the giraffes the real thing is much more incredible
and for a family ideal at roughly a similar expense in cost and a bit more travel time.
Sunrise was dramatic and intense almost every morning.
The Kudu is the branding icon for Kruger. This was
done before the grand age of branding we live in
now and it is used on the china and many products
sold in the market.
The Vervet Monkey roamed and terrorised the
camp. These scamps came in all sizes and would
show up in morning, afternoon and evening shifts
to raid the place. Twist ties were and blocking your
fridge door was essential. Once there was a breach
the senior monkeys feasted while the junior ones
fled the scene.
Helmeted Guineafowl also take their daily shifts.
The Cape Glossy Starling brightened up the camp.
The Common Duiker lived inside the camp fence taking up shelter just below the ridge. They also took shifts and were the most gentle of guests. They were not to be fed but often were
viewed reaching into the porch for something.