The 3rd Child and Youth Care World Conference emerged out of a
felt need to have something to fill the gap between Vienna and
Durban, SA for North Americans. CYC-Net, the leading online
resource for child and youth care and publisher of journals and
books for practitioners partners with child and youth care
associations, agencies and organizations to co-host the world
conferences. California Behavioral Health Services stepped up to
links its 4th conference with the World CYC conference.

For Canadians this was a rare opportunity to break the usual
spring/fall conference pattern to attend a significant conference as
snowbirds in the middle of winter. Some 70 or so did so in response
and a goodly share of those ended up on this boat for a whale tour.
Regretfully, the whales never broke the surface, only the trails of
their flukes stirring the water did. We did get to see the islands and
experience a pod of hundreds of dolphins which was quite
remarkable. We also got to meet and greet those known from the
first two conferences and those attending their first.

This feature suite of pages recognizes Nurturing Hope and sketches
out some of the benefits of attending such a conference. It is
intended to promote the World CYC conference movement and
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