Dr. Jack Phelan

16 years ago I attended my first child and youth care conference
in Cleveland, Ohio. I was only in the field a few years and was
trying to find my place as a child and youth care worker. I was not
sure what I needed but I often felt like something was missing. In
essence, I was craving something more. This conference
changed my life course in many ways. While there, I met several
people I had learned about in school and many others who
inspired me and encouraged me. I felt like I belonged. I saw the
bigger picture. While singing Irish songs and telling stories in the
hospitality suite, I connected with Jack Phelan. It is still one of my
favourite CYC memories. He quickly became a mentor and has
since become a cherished friend and colleague. Jack
encouraged me to go to graduate school, to present at
conferences and to become an educator. He told me that I could
accomplish great things and make a lasting impact in this work. I
remember many of our early conversations and know that he
helped me recognize my potential and see opportunities that I
would not have thought possible. He challenges me and supports
me – often in the same breath! I appreciate his passion for child
and youth care, his dedication to front line practice and his
commitment to learning.

I share this brief personal story because I am but one of many
who Jack has supported, mentored and sometimes carried toward
becoming their best self! I have spoken to many people to collect
information in support of this nomination. I will share some quotes
from students, practitioners and fellow educators that illustrate
Jack’s contributions:

“Jack epitomizes what a mentor is.  He teaches, supports,
challenges, models, and recognizes potential in people before
they recognize it in themselves.  He pushes people out of their
comfort zone in a way that they believe anything is possible and
ties their newly acquired awareness to CYC concepts and theory.”

"First of all, let me just state that I LOVE JACK! He is extremely
intelligent and insightful and I will definitely miss his classes. I
need to make sure I keep myself updated on his written works"

“His teaching and writing engages students in critical thinking
about how to "do" things differently.”

“He has moved the field of CYC forward by contributing to the
collection and history of CYC specific literature and theory
through writing, publishing, presenting, networking, advocating
and promoting CYC practice, conferences and maintaining
membership in professional associations.”

In sum, Jack is a visionary and deserving of this recognition for all
his efforts to promote child and youth care at local, provincial,
national and international levels. Thank-you Jack!

Jenny McGrath

visionary noun

a person who has clear ideas about what should happen or be done in the future. (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/visionary)

The Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations Visionary Award was created in October 2014 at the annual general meeting. The purpose of the award was to honour and
offer recognition to members of the child and youth care field who have made significant contributions to the growth and evolution of Canadian CYC practice, education and
professional advancement. Recipients of this award would be acknowledged as having clearly expressed and acted on their support to practitioners, literature and professional CYC
organizations in Canada.

The Visionary Award was presented during the 19th National Child and Youth Care Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2016 to:
Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations
Visionary Award
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