Nominations for
the 2020 Award
are now open.
Award presentation
will take place at the
next National in St.
Johns, NL in May

The Award scheme
was suggested and
initiated by Louella
Goodwin, CYCAA
representative to the
Council in the early
'90's. Scroll down to
read about nomination
guidelines and a link
to an online
nomination form.
Jenny McGrath was employed as a child and youth care worker with the St. Francis Foundation in St.
John’s, NL. (Now Waypoints) She is creative, responsive to the needs of the young people and
families, and confident in her approach. Jenny is a strong advocate for young people and families,
and builds positive relationships with them. Many young people that Jenny has worked with still
maintain contact with her years after leaving the program. In addition to her exceptional work with
clients, Jenny is also diligent in her commitment to learning and personal growth, finishing a Master’
s Degree in Family Support. She completed her practicum on the St. Francis Foundation’s fledgling
Family Support Program, going on to become the program supervisor and seeing the program
established. Jenny is also committed to professional development, and has been an active member
of the Child and Youth Care Association of Newfoundland and Labrador for several years. From
2002-2006 she served as vice-president. She was active in the planning of the National Child and
Youth Care Conference in 2002, and the Provincial Child and Youth Care Conference in 2006. Jenny
was also involved in the development of the first child and youth care diploma program in NL, and
was a part-time instructor in that program from 2003-2006. Jenny was recruited by Grant MacEwan
College in Alberta to teach in their Child and Youth Care program and they are delighted to have her
on the faculty.
 (complete nomination)
Jenny McGrath 2006,
National Child and Youth
Care Award recipient and
Heather Modlin, President
of the Council.
Photo Credit: Mark Kelly
Garth Goodwin was the first recipient of the Award and no relation to Louella.
At the time of its being issued he had practised on the front line since 1974,
was a respite worker, fostered the growth of CYCWAM as its Newsletter
Editor and Treasurer and was Treasurer to the National Conference in
Winnipeg that year. Since the Award, Garth has established and maintained
an Internet presence for Canadian CYC, represented CYCWAM to the
Council until 2003 and served as Conference Co-Chair for
Together 2000
Promise into Practice. He writes a column for Relational Child and
Youth Care Practice
and now works with Marymound designing outcomes
1996 Garth Goodwin
Colette Sieban served the CYCBC for over a decade as its tireless member
who did all the work, attending to the mail, newsletter, registrations and
provincial conference work. Colette was a front line practitioner who
advanced to supervisor in addition to taking on challenging foster care
commitments. Her premature passing, less than a year after this Award was
presented pointed up the value of such recognition in the field.
1997 Colette Sieban
Estella Erwin, over her career has progressed from the front line to
Supervision to Administration and finally to activist with The Association for
the Development of Children's Residential Facilities in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
She was one of the founders of the Nova Scotia Child and Youth Care
Worker Association and an advisor for child and youth care education in the
province. Her remarkable ability to stay in touch with clients and staff in her
programs throughout was noteworthy.
1998 Estella Erwin
Lori Leonard serves as an example of a mature child and youth care
practitioner who has made the necessary investment of time and learning to
come to a place of excellence. She also is a front line practitioner and unit
supervisor who was supported by many testimonials in her nomination
attesting to her ability to build relationship and rapport with young people
and their families. Lori is currently President of the Child and Youth Care
Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.
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2002 Lori Leonard
Jean Robson from CYCWAM received the latest Award. Jean has practised
as a front line practitioner, supervisor, and program director with Naturas, an
agency that operated in Winnipeg through the 80's and early 90's. The
program was known for its innovative use of both urban and rural settings
and high standards. Jean, along with her colleague from Naturas, Karl
Gompf were tireless lobbyists for CYC education in Manitoba helping to
realize Competency Based In service Training and the Child and Youth Care
Diploma Program at Red River College. Jean continues to instruct in the
program and promote its deserved success.
2004 Jean Robson
The purpose of the CCCYCA Award
Program is two fold:
  • To provide much deserved recognition to Child and Youth Care Practitioners who have
    demonstrated outstanding skills, knowledge, advocacy on behalf of clients and dedication to the
  • To hold out such role models to inspire others towards outstanding practice and to promote greater
    public awareness of the important work done by Child and Youth Care Practitioners.
This award program is not intended to be a contest. The CCCYCA believes that by profiling and
highlighting the wonderful work being done by any deserving Child and Youth Care Worker we bring
recognition to us all and to our profession
Nominations will come from within the Provincial Child and Youth Care Associations, or individually from
Council Members (all members of a provincial child and youth care association are members) and must be
forwarded to the Award Committee prior to the 2018 national conference to qualify for the 2018 award to
be announced in the next National.  
Nominations cannot include sitting members of the Board of
the Council, nor can sitting members nominate.
Nomination Process: Please provide a profile of
deserving nominees including such details as educational background, career highlights, outstanding
accomplishments, testimonials from clients, personal qualities and detail examples of outstanding
interventions, etc. Along with this profile please send the nominee's name, address and phone number
along with your name and phone number, the provincial/territorial child and youth care authorizations and
your signature and title. Note, the nomination committee relies upon the impression of the written
nomination submitted. An electronic form has been provided for nominations, see link below.
Nominate a member colleague today: Go to Award Form:
2018 National Child and Youth Care Award Recipient: Jaime Lundrigan
Dave Jull has worked for more than thirteen separate social service agencies in Ontario spanning
from Children’s Aid Society’s and Shelters, to Youth Centre’s and hospitals. He has held such titles
as Night Coordinator, Day Tripper, Behavioural Consultant, Director, Group Leader, Group Therapist,
Lecturer, Facilitator, Advocate, Board Member, Chief Negotiator, Published Author, School-Based
CYW, Itinerant CYW and finally, Senior CYW. It is with this last title how the majority of our group
knows and will remember Dave.
(complete nomination)
The Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta would like to nominate Berry Goble for the national
CYC worker award. His resume includes 36 in government service as a Child Care Counsellor,
first at the Youth Development Centre in Alberta from 1974 as a Child Care Therapist and then a
Team leader, then a Unit Supervisor. When he was already two levels about the job classification of
a Certified Child Care Counsellor, Berry took a tremendous risk of failure, by studying, preparing
and then passing the written and oral exam that many he supervised had already passed. Berry did
this as a role model, and as a measure of ensuring the importance of this body of knowledge. Berry
passed but did not receive any financial reward or promotion, normally given for this achievement.
He has been a long term “certified member” and has maintained that status in all the years since.
(complete nomination)
2012 Natalie receiving her certificate from
President Kelly Shaw at
Inspiring Resilience
2012 Nominator Dawne McKay Chiddenton
accepted the certificate for Sundee in
Nominate a fellow
member Colleague
Sundee is the recipient of the 2011 CYCWAM Youth Care Award. We believe that she is the
embodiment of the standards and values our Associations hold for our members. I she remains an
active member of our association. She is respected highly in our province and her contributions to the
field are much like Sundee as a person, quietly exceptional. Her practice of youth care is, on a
personal note, the standard to which I hold myself and she has my deepest respect and admiration.
The following are comments by her Program Manager, a Colleague in practice, and a fellow
CYCWAM member who sat on the board with her before me. In these testimonials, I hope to
demonstrate why we believe that Sundee should receive this award.
(complete nomination)
Jennifer Kettle of the CYCANL would like to nominate Natalie Bursey for the National Child and Youth
Care Award for 2012.  It is our opinion that Natalie is the true example of excellence in the field.  
Natalie has been involved in the field of Child and Youth Care for over 15 years, during which time she
has been mainly employed as a Youth Care Worker with Waypoints. She has worked her way up to a
management position as the coordinator of two programs within the organization. Natalie has risen to
every challenge without question or concern. Her incredibly positive outlook on life and amicable
demeanor make her an excellent coworker. She is a true advocate, looking out for the best interest of
young people and staff alike.
(complete nomination)
Youth Care Association of Newfoundland and Labrador. Four years ago, I had the opportunity to hire Jaime and her husband to work at Key Assets
as live-in carers for two adolescent siblings who had experienced multiple prior placements. Jaime did a remarkable job in providing a safe, stable
and therapeutic environment for these young people and in 2017 Jaime and her husband adopted them (at the ages of 16 and 18).

A couple of years ago I also hired Jaime as a Program Supervisor with Key Assets, and last year she was promoted to the position of Manager of
Out-of-Home Care. So, she had two young people living in her home while she also worked full-time supervising other families and staffed
residential programs. Jaime is now responsible for supervising our Program Supervisors and overseeing all of our residential programs in the St.
John’s region.

Jaime is, quite simply, amazing. She is one of the most skilled and dedicated child and youth care practitioners I have ever worked with. Jaime is
very in-tune with the needs of young people and capable of responding therapeutically in every situation. She skillfully balances establishing
boundaries and setting limits with understanding and supportive interventions. She is always “working with intentionality.” The two young people
placed in her home have made so much progress in the four years they are barely recognizable, and they now have a permanent family.

Jaime demonstrates considerable patience and commitment. She is also a fierce advocate and will not settle for anything but the best with regard to
all of the young people with whom she is involved. She is passionate about the work, and the field of child and youth care.

In addition to her clinical skills, Jaime has an excellent work ethic. When she took on the Program Supervisor position with Key Assets, even before
her job officially started she had transformed the residential program for which she was responsible. She revamped the daily program requirements
and provided tighter supervision and direction for all of the staff than had previously been provided. The young person residing in this program
showed almost immediate change as a result of Jaime’s intervention. The carers, staff and young people in all of the homes she supervises are
thriving. The following are testimonials from carers and staff supervised by Jaime:

Jaime Lundrigan has found her true calling. She is kind, compassionate and caring in all her dealings with youth as well as fellow CYCWs. Jaime
goes above and beyond for everyone, every time. If only we could clone her.

I've always said Jaime needs an award! This is fabulous! Not only is Jaime a Carer she is an amazing supervisor, a trainer and an all around
genuine person. It doesn't matter if it's 8am or 11:30pm, if you need her she there for you with bells on. She has this way about her that no matter
the situation- if you're stressed out completely, if you're exhausted or if you're just having a really bad day. She is able to change that with just a
simple phone conversation. No matter the request she always tries her absolute best to get whatever you need/want! Jaime really cares- she cares
about Key Assets, she cares about us as carers and most importantly she cares about each and every young person in care. She is absolutely
amazing! I'm so happy she is being nominated!

When we began our journey with Key Assets we never could have imagined the support we would have received. Jaime became our supervisor as
we were being matched with two boys. She made sure every question we had was answered. She made contact with us daily to assure we were
doing well. 3 months later and she still continues to do these things. Jaime’s become part of our family and everyone involved with her adores her.
She's always there to encourage you and assure you are making the right/best decision. She's truly a beautiful person who cares so much for not
only the young people she works with but also the adults she works alongside with. She's brings so much happiness to the people around her, and
I know there are many children's lives that are much better because she's in it. I know mine is.
If anyone deserves to be acknowledged its Jaime. She's kind, loving and very passionate about each child and person she works with. It's been an
honour to have her part of our family.

Jaime is the epitome of child and youth care work. Daily she lives the role in her home as well as in her work. I have seen Jaime metaphorically pull
children from the brink of nonexistence, and instill a sense of safety and hope that is comparable to a modern-day Mother Theresa. It is a privilege
to learn from Jaime.

Jaime has been reliable and very supportive! She has a great personality! I think she’s intelligent! I remember when I was in Attune Group she was
a good choice to represent the group. Great speaker!!

On a broader scale, Jaime has been a huge asset to the organization. She is full of ideas and has the drive and ability to get things done – an
exceptional combination. Jaime is one of our TCI (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention) trainers, and she has co-facilitated (with our Clinical Director) a
therapeutic group for live-in carers. She spearheaded an overhaul of our documentation requirements. With our young people, Jaime has offered a
crafts group, Girl’s group, organized a clothing drive, developed a peer mentoring program, and led a therapeutic adventure trip to Nova Scotia.

Jaime oversees all of our child and youth care student placements and is always eager to help new practitioners.

Jaime’s contribution to the field of child and youth care goes even further than her direct care and organizational contributions. For many years,
Jaime has been actively involved with the Child and Youth Care Association of Newfoundland and Labrador. Currently, Jaime serves as the
President. In this role, she has demonstrated excellent leadership and organizational skills. She has been strong at promoting child and youth care
across the province, and stretched herself to conduct media interviews even though this is something she is not particularly comfortable with
(although she has done a great job). Jaime’s level of productivity and ability to multi-task are exceptional!

There is so much more I could say about Jaime, but I think I have provided enough to make the point. She is a child and youth care practitioner who
takes the job seriously, is proud of what she does, and is always striving to do better – for herself, the young people in her care, the practitioners
she supervisors, and the field in general. Jaime is professionally certified through the CYCCB, and started completing a Master’s degree in Child
and Youth Care through Strathclyde University.

I highly recommend Jaime for the National Child and Youth Care Worker Award. I have been in this field a long time and have worked with, taught
and supervised hundreds of practitioners – rarely have I met anyone like Jaime. The field of child and youth care is lucky to have her and she is
truly one in a million.
Although Art may only have a high school education, many would say he is a master of the Youth Care
Profession. His calm, cool and compassionate/yet firm attitude and approach is an example of
excellence in the field. He possesses an always gentle and caring nature that is well received and
respected by all. Art is truly a natural in youth care work. He never takes anything personally and
remains professional at heart. He takes his role seriously and works skilfully with a multi-disciplinary
team, always working for the best interest of the young person. He will be there to advocate, discipline
appropriately, and nurture in every situation.

Art is always looking at ways to build relationships with the young people he works with. He builds
connections through talking about music, art, animals, card games, etc. He is always taking interest
in their lives. Through his role modeling he builds trusting relationships by always being fair and
honest with the youth.

Paula Dacosta, Youth Care Worker, John G. Stewart School
Trevor Holroyd, Principal, John G. Stewart School                        
   complete nomination
Jaime and Heather