National Child and Youth Care Award Nomination Form
Nominations for the 2016 Award are now open.  Nominations are accepted through electronic submission and also through the individual member associations. Deadline:
April 2016
Members of the Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations are invited to use this form to submit their nominations for the National Award. Nominations cannot
be accepted for sitting Council Board Members nor by them.
Please provide the information requested and the profile on the nominee in the space provided. There are drop down boxes for province and association choices, (they will
highlight in yellow when you have made your selection). Please scroll and click on your specific item in that case. In the event, you do not receive a confirmation notice
displaying your entries, the send has failed and so, please print this form upon completion and mail to the address provided. Thank you for the time and consideration taken
with this. The web master will confirm receipt of this nomination to the e-address provided by the nominee below.
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