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QAE Code of Ethics - Preamble
This code is based on fundamental values that are generic among the helping professions. By promoting the full development of a child's potential through their life span, there is the
recognition that Child Care and Youth Care Practitioners work to ensure that the total need of each child in his/her care are met. This begins with the belief in the dignity, worth and
uniqueness of each individual and the commitment to increasing a youngster's understanding of himself and others. It acknowledges that practice is carried out in the context of
employer or employing organization.
The helping professional uses his/her SELF to assure growth, promoting and enhanced problem-solving experiences for individual children, their families and client group. The
professional engages with others, understanding that social life is a PROCESS that views human growth and development as dynamic, challenging, evolving and strengthening
experience for all.
The socio-legal framework pertaining to all residents of Quebec, in conjunction with professional values, enables the practitioner to work with and to serve; clients, families,
employers, colleagues, community, society and the profession.
As workers in the Child and Youth Care Network, practice is sanctioned by Quebec society through the reserved title "Educator" ("Child and Youth Care Worker"). Practice is
founded on a body of knowledge and systematic theory with ongoing research which is expressed through regional, national and international Child and Youth Care publications,
journals and conferences. Preparation and training is established through Le Ministére de l=Éducation du Québec and spans the educational system at local CEGEPS, at
undergraduate and graduate levels both nationally, and internationally. Students must complete the practical training or "Stage" component under professional supervision as
required within the curricula of the teaching institutions. Employment (practice) necessitates the assurance of ongoing clinical supervision and a strengthening competency
consistent with the newest knowledge, understanding and methodologies. This recognizes changing individual and family needs in the context of an evolving community within a
dynamic society.
L'Association des Éducateurs et des Éducatrices du Québec/Quebec Association of Educators is committed to ensuring ethical practice as stated in this Code. The framework
and directives of Le Ministére de la Santé et des Services Sociaux and Le Ministére de l'Éducation set the practice parameters. The Association advocates for certification of
practitioners through the accreditation of this professional body by l'Office des Professions du Québec. This will affirm quality, integrity and professionalism in the ethical fulfillment of
the role and function of the Child Care and Youth Care Practitioner/Educator who practices in Québec.
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On November 1, 2016, Frank Delano presented Ethical and Professional Boundaries in a
one day workshop to the membership. Those who were able to attend were treated to a
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