The World CYC Conferences: St. John's, Vienna and now Ventura have established a reputation for being exceptional. They grew out of the initial CYC-Net gatherings which
brought together contributors and users of the web site to review and plan for the resource initiative. Local hosts put their best foot forward choosing fine venues, an in house
conference experience with breakfast and lunch breaks and in a location of global status as a tourist venue. Delegates have embraced the opportunity to combine a conference
experience with local touring, in some instances for several weeks. Ventura and California did not disappoint on that front.

While this writer focuses on the visual, another Janelle Huhtala, has through her blog produced a remarkable and thorough account of her impressions as a student of
MacEwan University, presenter and first time traveller. Please
click here to go to California Adventures! Janelle has kindly given her permission to share this with guests.
The foreign travel, comfortable facilities and learning are certainly one level of conference attending but the more significant for many is the fellowship. Thom Garfat and
Lorraine Fox (left above) demonstrate the beauty of old friends connecting once again. Thom has written and presented widely on the aspect of child and youth care
practitioners being members of a family or tribe, something they begin to realize fully at a conference. In her work and at this conference in her keynote, Lorraine spoke of the
unique aspect of child and youth care work and how this draws practitioners to conferences like this as this is where the genuine understanding is.

As a Canadian, the experience of sitting out on a January evening enjoying the fresh air, the sound of the pounding surf and the chatter and laughter of peers cannot be beat.
It simply will never happen again in this writer's lifetime.
Sr. Madeleline Rybicki, Dale Curry and Frank Eckles presented on the CYCCB.
Examinations were made available to delegates who wanted to contest and realize
certification within the program. Canadians have been enthusiastic early adopters of this
certification. The program continues to innovate and expand.
Heather Snell and her troop of dancer/actors reprised
their production first staged at the OACYC provincial
conference in June 2017. Thomas Colford, Samuel
Davilmar, Shadan Hyder, Paul Kitz, Cory Mackirlay and
Colleen Snell presented dance and spoken word to
amplify Heather's presentation breaking the traditional
teacher/student framework into an art piece. The
performance was well received. The students fund
raised in order to attend.
For some this was the last child and youth care conference they anticipate attending. For
others it was the first. For many, it was historically significant to hear Lorraine E. Fox
keynote in her own state for once. Lorraine has been coming to Canada for decades. She
struck friendships such as with Deb Fast of Manitoba who hosted her for presentations to
a struggling Child and Youth Care Workers Association of Manitoba at the time. Her lived
authority would soon see her contracted to give presentations to educators and social
workers on such trips. She struck up similar friendships and connections in several
provinces and in many ways helped build the child and youth care association network in
Canada. Thom Garfat, her Canadian counterpart certainly paced her in this work of
developing the profession of child and youth care in Canada. Both have been central to
my appreciation of the profession as a practitioner soaking up that shot in the arm they
gave when presenting and sharing in the association movement through initiatives like
this web site. Nurturing Hope was a personally significant conference as it was historic and
such a privilege at an age when just getting out of bed can be an achievement!

Garth Goodwin - webmaster.
The balance of this suite of pages has to do with the add ons conferencing can deliver.
While these were my personal experiences they illustrate the kind of tourist moments one
can attach to a conference. It was great watching fellow delegates explore parts of
California pre and post conference: Santa Monica, Muscle Beach and Rodeo Drive
among them.

The 4th CYC World Conference will be in July 2019 in Durban, South Africa. CYC-Net will
partner with the International Federation of Educative Communities (FICE) and the
National Association of Child Care Workers (NACCW) of South Africa. A report on the
NACCW 40th Anniversary conference in Cape Town may spike your interest. Yes it is
literally going half way around the world and a long plane ride. Still you can lay over in
London for a bit, if you wish and explore Durban online. Some have already made it their
vacation of a lifetime and are planning a stay of several weeks to tour that amazing
country. Hope to see you there.
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