This was the third meeting of the clan or Clan Gathering as supporters and contributors to CYC-Net like to
term themselves. The first was in Paisley, Scotland in 2012 resulting in the group photo above. The second
was at the first CYC World Conference in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador in 2013. That conference
introduced the notion of a global child and youth care conference with as wide a representation of those who
work with children and youth as possible with CYC-Net as principle sponsor in partnership with sister child
and youth care associations across the world such as FICE International Austria here in Vienna.

CYC-Net Chairperson, Leon Fulcher joined Pretext Publisher, Martin Stabrey and Board Member/major
sponsor Graham Bell of the Kibble Education and Care Centres to report on the past year to clan members,
many there since the beginning and with welcome new faces. They learned CYC-Net continues to be the
world's leading child and youth care resource web site and publishing house but that the enterprise
continues to struggle with operating costs. An example was the shift away from hard copy publication of the
Relational Child and Youth Care Practice magazine for an online version. Publishers worldwide are dealing
with this reality often resorting to fees for service. The Internet is free and CYC-Net remains committed to
being free going forward.
One of the recent innovations was to offer yet
another online magazine with CYC-Online.
Members of the discussion group, some 4000
strong, receive this monthly in their in-boxes.
Editor, James Freeman out lined the first year of
publication. The statistics were impressive as
viewed here.

One of the less well known facts is that the
contributions in whatever form are also free.
There are no fees for columns, articles, reports,
cartoons, or poems. Contributors value the goal
of this non profit to represent the field of child
and youth care, full stop. It falls to the users who
value the resource for their students, staff
members and the field itself to support CYC-Net.
The images below have links to pages which
outline the Members of the Board who often
spearhead content and the individuals,
organizations, associations and others who
contribute to allow operations to continue.
The Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations strives to make an annual donation. Some, like our President, Kelly Shaw and other members
give personally as well. This webmaster and web site which is so under water itself contributes through articles like this, advertising banners and a column. It
is encouraging to see major child and youth care providers such as Bill Carty (far right) step up with significant contributions. Most impressive are the staff
groups of individual facilities that also step up though employee deductions to build the contributions further. This writer finds it curious that facilities and
major agencies which have discovered the benefits of profile for their own fund raising, somehow just miss joining in as the impact for their staff and profile
would be immediate and globally recognized.
You are invited to click on the trio of images above
to meet the current Board of Governors and
explore the annual reports. The contributors keep it
free and the users could do more to recognize this
with a donation, however small, however regular.
The banners at the bottom page will take you to
further pages.
Vienna, a tagger at work

Self expression is as old as scrawled stone carvings in caves. The field of child and youth care has been represented by academic
journals for decades, through books and texts. The field though, is a vibrant one often conducted behind the veil of confidentiality.
There are ways to remain respectful of the youth in your care and your experiences with them, your learning and your views. The
CYC-Net editors invite your contributions and will guide you through the finer points of writing. Consider it
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