Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations
The Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations is a national body established to serve as a
coordinating and networking organization for provincial and territorial Child and Youth Care Associations.
The goals of the Council are to promote the development of child and youth care as a profession in
Canada and ensure the delivery of quality care. This includes:
To unite in a democratic manner all provincial and territorial associations and persons involved in providing
specialized child and youth care services.

To help support and strengthen provincial CYC associations by providing leadership, stability, and
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To encourage the formation of new provincial CYC associations where none exists.
To bring together CYC delegates from across Canada on an annual basis.

To support and promote member associations in the development of standards of practice.
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To promote the North American Code of Ethics for CYC professionals.
To promote the current definition of child and youth care as adopted by the International Education
Consortium, International Leadership Coalition, NOCCWA ( now ACYCP), and the Council.

To coordinate and promote the Canadian National Child and Youth Care Worker's Conference.

To co-sponsor all national CYC conferences.

To provide seed money to provincial host of Canadian national conferences.

To host receptions at National Conferences.

To promote the council and be visible through attendance and information booths at all CYC national and
international events.

To provide continuity and coordination between conferences through committee membership.
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To provide discounts on membership fees at national conferences to members of provincial and
territorial associations.
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To act as an educational forum for the purpose of sharing ideas and information between child and youth care
associations, persons, agencies, and programs involved in providing child and youth care services and training.

To provide opportunities for networking, consultation, and sharing of resources between and within provinces
through provincial delegates.

To liaise with other national associations.

To act as workshop presenters at national events.

To ensure communication links between Canadian child and youth care associations and service providers
through a regular Canadian Child and Youth Care Newsletter and/or Journal.

To distribute the Council Newsletter to provincial and territorial CYC members.

To offer discounts to members on subscriptions to the Journal of Child and Youth Care.
To act as an agent for the promotion of professional child and youth care training within colleges,
universities, and other educational institutions.
To encourage delegates to serve on educational boards and committees.

To advocate for the creation of CYC curriculum and training programs at local colleges and universities.
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To advocate for children and youth at a national level.
To encourage the involvement of youth at all national conferences.

To liaise with the National Youth In Care Network.
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To assist in the development of educational and training materials.
To form international liaisons with other Child and Youth Care Associations.

To maintain active involvement with NOCCWA ( now ACYCP).

To promote and support International Child and Youth Care Conferences, through financial support, delegate participation,
and an organizational committee.
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To stay abreast of current issues and developments in the field of child and youth care in Canada.
In places where there is no recognized CYC professional association, interested people have been sought out and
invited to sit on the Council. These directors are actively working toward forming CYC associations with their
jurisdictions. Each provincial and territorial jurisdiction hold one vote on all matters of business at council meetings.
The Council is governed by a potential thirteen member Board of Directors. The Directors are elected from each
provincial and territorial association. The Board of Directors elects an executive committee consisting of a president,
vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. The past president fills the final position and acts as chairman of the board.
The Council is supported financially by membership fees from each participating association, and by private donations.
All members of recognized provincial and territorial child and youth care associations throughout Canada are also
members of the Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations.