Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations
A thank you to the delegates like Leona, Kim , Heather , Virginia, Scott, Bobby, and Maria who
attended From Sea to Sea. At what other conference would your mettle be tested to the extent of
planting a warm kiss on a very dead, very aromatic cod fish in the name of goodwill and inclusion in
that elite club of folks screeched into Newfoundland and Labrador. These folks from Nova Scotia
tried the group approach. Fellowship, leaning and the opportunity to do it all in a different location
in Canada every two years is one of the more rewarding aspects of attending the bi-annual National
Child and Youth Care Conferences.
The Council of Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations is the national body established to serve as a
coordinating and networking organization for provincial and territorial Child and Youth Care Associations.
The goal of the Council is to promote the development of child and youth care as a profession in Canada
and encourage the delivery of quality care.
A potential thirteen member Board of Directors governs the Council. The Directors are elected from each
provincial and territorial associations. The Board of Directors elects an executive committee consisting of a
president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. The Council is supported financially by membership
fees from each participating association, and by private donations. All members of recognized provincial
and territorial child and youth care associations throughout Canada are also members of the Council of
Canadian Child and Youth Care Associations. There are child and youth care associations in nine
provinces with Saskatchewan attempting to revive the CYCASK. Should you be from Saskatchewan, you are
encouraged to use the referral form below to help with that effort.
Membership Referral Service
Many associations run on an annualized basis seeking membership renewals at the beginning of the year
and throughout the year. Those guests who would like to become members of an established child and
youth care association as listed above are welcome to use the form below. Your information will be sent on
to the association concerned and they, in turn, will contact you with membership information. Thank you for
using this service.
Postal Code:
If you live in Canada and
practice as a child and
youth care professional in a
province with a provincial
association , please use the
form to the right to have
your name forwarded on to
your provincial
representative.  Your
information will not be used
for any other purpose than
this referral by the Council.
The Council has no control
nor responsibility for the
association involved
responding to your inquiry.
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